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Leafy Logistics


Our Consultative Services

Leafy Logistics provides an array of consultation and asset protection services specializing in small and large commercial businesses, government installations, educational institutions and high-risk retail environments. From internal process reviews, asset protection assessments, installations using state-of-the-art digital video surveillance technology, to video analytics and inventory management strategies, we provide an array of asset protection solutions to fit your business needs.

We offer site surveys to determine the best layered-security strategies for your business.  Experienced business & security consultants combine an armed/unarmed protection element to our security options that brings both technical saavy and tactical know-how to the front edge of our protection services.  Leafy Logistics takes the complexity out of safeguarding your business interests.

Security Consultation

We’ll assist you with developing strategies and techniques that can help your enterprise succeed. Our aim is to help you and other business owners to think strategically & tactically about your business.

Compliance & Business Performance

Our goal is to help your business adhere to any local or state compliance standards. Ensuring your business remains compliant and running productively is your priority. Protect the business and increasing efficiency is ours. Through better analytics and real-time incident analysis, we can bring your business into the 21st century of compliance and risk-mitigation.

Asset Security Services

Protecting your company’s resources is vital. As a Veteran and Minority owned and operated security solutions company, our protection staff include active and prior local law enforcement officers and military veterans who combine domestic and international protection-detail experience to today environmental threats. We’ll help you safeguard your assets by providing:

  • Digital Surveillance Installation, Maintenance, Monitoring, with 24/7 Tech Support
  • Monitored Access Control/Fire Protection/Burglary systems
  • Video Analytics / Bio-metrics Integration / Virtual Manager
  • Armed/Unarmed Protection Services
Development Services
We’ll help you create protocols to help your business manage employee and business performance. This includes assisting with project implementation, management and deploying a web-based security and accountability solution across your network of commercial and retail locations. We can develop a simple integration plan or an entire multi-layered, security system solution.

Total Accountability  

Steady profits lead to increased revenue. We will advise you on how to develop sustainable accountability and performance standards while enhancing security practices that reduce inventory losses and improves operational efficiency. 

                               Advanced Analytics 
                              Q.C. Standardization
                    Business Performance Dashboards

Real-Time Incident Investigation
Biometrics / Compliance
Advanced Threat Detection

Business Development Services

  • Business Consultation, Planning & Analytics
  • Project/Process Development
  • Compliance/Quality Control Mechanisms
  • Analytics Dashboard

  • Digital Video Surveillance Solutions
  • Ad-hoc Video Analytics/Business Performance Reports
  • Layered Perimeter and Internal Surveillance Plans
  • P.O.S Video Analytics Integration