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Leafy Logistics


Expand and Protect Your Business

Business development centered around Asset Protection and Security Solutions for High-Risk Commercial Environments.

Your business is not just an investment. In many cases, it's your life's work. As with any prized possession, protecting your investments and driving business results is at the center of your daily routine. With these principles at the forefront of it's mission, Leafy Logistics offers integrated digital surveillance and physical security solutions for high-risk commercial environments - the asset protection vehicle your business needs to safeguard what you’ve created.  

Our business development team, combined with our asset protection solutions specialists take over 30 years of experience in business services, cutting-edge technology applications, domestic and international asset protection, and domestics local law enforcement techniques to effectively mitigate security and loss-prevention threats. We assess your existing security plan to develop solutions that better integrate business security with business performance.  You can rest easy that your life's work will be in safe hands.

Three Main Service Areas

Security Development Plans & Compliance Assessments

Internal Compliance Reviews & Enterprise Protection Strategies 

Complete Digital Surveillance Solutions Armed/Unarmed Security Protection Services